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  • seanartistpage

    Sean Wyett

    Sean is the owner of Black Cat and has 15 years experience tattooing. His specialty's include pin-ups, portraits and lowbrow art but is skilled in all techniques. Portfolio
  • erinartistpage

    Erin Ruiz

    Erin is unequivocally, one of Boise's premier artists. She has 5 years experience tattooing. Her expertise lies in surrealism but is proficient in all styles. Portfolio
  • Travis

    Travis Campion

    Travis has been tattooing for 7 years, he is a master of American Traditional and Symbolism. Travis' tattoo style comes from a deeper level. Portfolio

Black Cat’s Mission:

It’s our goal to make sure you get not only the best possible tattoo, but have the best possible experience.   We take our time, listen, and treat you right.  We do primarily all-custom work, collaborating with you to design a piece specifically for you and the area of your body you want it on.  We also have a large selection of flash if you prefer to choose something from our collection.


Sean did an amazing job. Far more than I expected. Being my first tat.

Guy M. Sr.

Always getting great comments on my Paw prints, everyone who see's them love it. We will be back for more soonish........gotta come from Oz !

Sam T.

Erin at Black Cat Tattoo did an awesome nautical star and banner on the inside of my left bicep. Great design and color!

Keith K.

HUGE thank you to my second family:) you all are amazing, and I appreciate and absolutely love all of the work I've had done. Just so everyone knows, these guys deserve coffee during morning sessions, and food in the afternoons.

Kayla R.

Sean does the most incredible custom pieces! If you want more than a tattoo, if you want a work of art, then this is the shop!

Leigha W.

I got my first tattoo here and they did an amazing job.

Courtnee N.

If your going to get a tattoo in Boise, Sean Wyett at Black Cat Tattoo is an amazing artist...Check him out..

Scott C.

Erin definitely was an amazing person to talk to and she made my Adventure Time tattoo look amazing :) I would recommend this place.

Aspen K.

First off I want to say I really enjoy the vibe of this shop, the artists are all very professional, not intimidating. I would be what one would refer to as a tattoo novice, never had a preference on shops or artists in the past. After my experience at Black Cat, I won't be going to any other shop for future work! The place is clean, again not intimidating, and the artists are all very skilled.

Nichole K.

I have been going to Sean Wyett at Black Cat for around 5 years now and nine tattoos later I will never go to another artist. First and foremost his art is top notch and his lines are always strong. Second, no one in the shop has either the stuck up attitude or chip on their shoulder. Always a great environment and I stop by even when I'm not getting tattooed.

Django C.

Sean Wyett is one of the most professional and talented tattoo artists Boise has ever seen. I regret never being able to give him a picture of his beautiful finished project on my back, so I decided to post it on their Yelp page. My tattoo was difficult and took over 5 hours, but he was so patient and accommodating to my comfort. Thank you Sean. Next time I'm in Boise and have a hankering for a tattoo, I will call you!

Chanie M.

I went to Sean Wyett for my first tattoo. I was referred to him and I was very impressed. I have heard many different things about what to expect for a first tattoo. He was very kind and had great bedside manner as I was extremely nervous. I am very pleased with how the tattoo came out and I am even more pleased by the experience all around. If I ever get more tattoos I won't go anywhere else but to Sean at Black Cat Tattoo!

Leah G.


Sean Wyett did an amazing tattoo for me! He is very creative and he took my ideas and made them into an incredible tattoo..i am extremely happy with my experience and will definitely come back for more..

Scott C.

How Much Do You Charge?

Prices vary depending on many things – size, placement, complexity, artist, etc. Our #1 concern is quality and sometimes that costs a little bit more.  A piece you are 100% happy with is priceless.

Our shop minimum is $60.00.

What Do I Need To Do On The Day Of My Tattoo?

Drink lots of water, eat well, and get plenty of rest. Wear comfortable clothing and make sure we can easily get to the area you want tattooed.

How Do I Care For My Tattoo?

We will review aftercare information with you in depth after your tattoo. Everyone is different and aftercare varies slightly depending on your needs. If you have any questions, please call or stop by.

Do You Have Ready-Made Designs?

Yes. Primarily we do custom tattoos, collaborating with you to create a piece that is unique.  If you have something in mind, email it or bring it in to show us.  We can turn any design into a tattoo, but be aware that some designs may need alteration in size or detail in order to achieve the desired effect. Some details will not show up if the tattoo is too small.


Do You Sterilize Your Equipment?

We use steam autoclave sterilization and use freshly sterilized equipment for each tattoo. We spore-test our autoclaves monthly to ensure they are working properly.


If you want a custom tattoo, it is best to set a consultation appointment.  Bring a reference or two about what you or looking for, or look through our extensive art library.  We will draw a piece for you that is one-of-a-kind and customized to fit the location on your body where the art is going.


We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.  We do not tattoo people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  PERIOD.  Please bring your ID and leave your kids at home.

Payment Methods

We accept cash and debit/credit cards (sorry, no AmEx).  We do not accept checks.

Walk Ins Welcome – Appointments Preferred

Hours:  Tuesday – Saturday  11 am – 7 pm 

Address: 3101 W. State St. Boise, Idaho 83703

Phone: (208) 368-9960 

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