Owner and day laborer of Black Cat Tattoo, I enjoy my vocation. What pleases me most about it is seeing people happy with what I can do with my talent and their idea. Prior to Tattooing I worked at IPTV. I began my apprenticeship in 1995. I learned my craft from Erik Payne; Owner of Inkvision and worked with him for 7 years before opening BCT in Dec. 2000. My art background is extensive. I’ve done work for many Boise bands in the ’80s and may have even tried playing in some.

I was the disc Jockey on KBSU’s Mutant Pop show (Wednesday Nights 10-2) Left Boise in 1985 and relocated to San Francisco. I worked at Thrasher Magazine for a short time.
I had a number of odd jobs through out the 9 years in Ca. all the while working as a freelance Illustrator. Here’s a list of clients:
The Misfits
Pusmort Records
DNA Lounge
Hollywood Records
Metal Blade Records
Raunch Records SLC.
Winterland Productions
While at Winterland I worked on screen print designs for:
Leta Ford
Ozzy Osbourne
Donna Karen
Tommy Hillfiger
Hard Rock Cafe
Jurassic Park
Universal Pictures
Rett Aikins
Mr. Big
I’ve been featured in Thrasher Magazine, Maximum Rock n Roll, Gearhead Magazine and Skin and Ink magazine. I’ve done guest spots in Washington and California and won awards for my flash designs. I don’t hide anything in the tattoos I do, THAT’S what I bring to the table.
I came back to Boise in 1994 with a beautiful wife and a son.
I’m grateful for the the help so many people gave me along the way. I have helped many artists find a path in this field. I look forward to helping others.