Io Premjaya a.k.a Travis Campion

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Earth Designation: Travis Campion

Galactic Designation: Io Premjaya

Age: 4077sgy (7382 earth years)

Gender: Male

Species: Standard Humanoid

Race: Zensunni

Home Planet: Bela Tegeuse

Current Planet: Earth

Travis Campion was born in the standard galactic year 131,638, on planet of Bela Tegeuse, the 5th planet in the Kuentsing system. Details of his childhood are vague and surrounded with mystery. Little is know of this period of his life other than he was drawn to art, particularly painting. This was during the height of the 3rd Dynasty, which particularly favored the arts and sciences as a priority for the survival of the galaxy.

Being the son of a politician in the galactic senate and a well known mining equipment merchant, he was quickly enrolled into the Salusa Secundus Royal Academy of Art. It was here, during late adolescence, that his abilities to fold time/space and psychic telepathy manifested, which at that point drew the attention of the imperial authorities. With the intent to exploit his abilities for military purposes, Travis was summarily arrested and brought into imperial custody. Keenly aware of the bleak future he faced, Travis escaped, teleporting himself aboard a nearby asteroid mining frigate.

Going underground, he spent the next several years moving from one planet to the next under assumed aliases, finally making his way to Earth, which had just been destroyed in and intergalactic war with the Rigellians. It was the perfect place to hide being that the planet had been completely stripped of all technology and his similar physiology would allow him to blend in easily with the inhabitants.

It is known he has been living in Boise, Idaho since 1980. He has a BFA in visual arts with a minor in physics from Boise State University and has been supplementing his income as a tattooist since September of 2009. He specializes in American and Japanese Traditional, as well as Neo-Traditional and European styles, but is versatile in many other styles, including script.

Recommended Method of Capture: Quantum Suspension Barrier

Apprehend With Caution